A complete and professional service tailored to your needs!

A professional service tailored to your needs! - Pamper yourself! - Give your hands and feet the beauty and care they deserve!

Cuccio Naturalé Signature Spa Services

These unique professional products were developed and formulated in the Tuscan Region of Italy from the finest of fruit extracts’. Treatments use a combination of soaks, exfoliating sea salt scrubs, refreshing spa elixirs, regenerating dermal wraps and creamy butters to create the most relaxing and healing Spa experiences.

 Cuccio Naturalé products are never tested on animals 
and maintains a commitment to end animal testing. 

There are four Themed Signature Scentual Spa Services: 

Soothing & Moisturising - Milk & Honey

Honey's natural humectants gently soften and condition the skin while 
soy lipids deliver Vitamin E to regenerate damaged skin cells and tissue.

Anti-Aging & Revitalising - Pomegranate & Fig

The most potent blend of anti-oxidants in one ultra sheer body butter! Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, promoting healthier and younger looking 

Regenerating & Healing - Papaya & Guave Nectar

A revitalizing and healing anti-oxidant and vitamin combination. 
Renews and deeply hydrates for soft, smooth and silky skin.

Energising & Balancing - Tuscan Citrus herb with Clay Sage

Boost and brighten your skin tone with the blend of white tea and Tuscan citrus. White tea contains polyphenois to help increase the skins elasticity.

Choose between 3 levels of Spa Experience, allowing you to develop and maintain healthy hands & feet:

'Express'  =  Maintenance

In a hurry? No time for pampering but still need the benefits of a professional Manicure or Pedicure?  “Express” is the service for you!

'Spa'  =  Relaxing

Taking you beyond the basics of the “Express” by combining the health benefits of skin renewal, exfoliation and fruit enzyme anti-oxidants treatments combined with your Manicure or Pedicure.

'Paradiso'  = Luxury Pampering

Treat yourself to Paradise! Elevate our fabulous Spa treatments to the next level. A series of scented Spa treatments featuring soothing soaks, exfoliation organic sea salts, refreshing Spa elixirs, regenerating skin cell deep dermal vitamin enriched wraps, extended massage and hydrating body butters combine to create the most relaxing and healing Spa experiences.

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